Exposure of bikes and products for saving energy


The Bike & EnergyDay, provides a calendar of 6 roadshows, a road show traveling for one Saturday per month (May to November) in several pedestrian areas of the city (Vomero / by Luca Giordano, Promenade / cable Parthenope, Centro / Via Diaz) and will see the participation of 15/20 Companies that exhibit products for sustainable mobility and energy conservation in order to raise awareness on the use of non-polluting means of transport and environmentally friendly technologies.

Calendario appuntamenti:
- 11 maggio: Via Luca Giordano (altezza FNAC) 
- 8 giugno: Via Parthenope (altezza p.zza Vittoria) 
- 6 luglio: Via A. Diaz (altezza Metropolitana Toledo) 
- 21 settembre: Via Parthenope (altezza p.zza Vittoria)
- 12 ottobre: Via Luca Giordano (altezza FNAC) 
- 9 novembre: Via A. Diaz (altezza Metropolitana Toledo)


Festival "barefoot in the park"

 to Friday 7 to Sunday 9 giugno2013

The body and dance in the nature
III edition

On the 7th, 8th and 9th June will be held the third edition of the Festival "Barefoot in the Park", a series of dance and music at low power consumption, which will take place again this year in the splendid park of Villa Floridiana in Naples. The festival is conceived and directed by dancers and choreographers Simona Lisi and Maria Grazia Sarandrea and organized by Ventottozerosei in collaboration with the circuit Campano of Dance. The event takes place with the support and collaboration of the Superintendent special PSAE the Museums of the city of Naples, Museo Duca di Martina-Floridiana, the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Naples and Fifth Municipality of the City of Naples. "Barefoot in the Park" was created with the intention of bringing people to the art of dance, music and nature, to regenerate the dialogue always exists but is too often overlooked and forgotten between body and natural habitat. Each day shows and dance classes with live music open to all.